Ulquiorra is one of the big, bad Espada from BLEACH that is very intelligent, aloof, and quite merciless at first glance. However, when you come to find out more about him, you'll soon realize he's really not that bad. Here you will find everything about him or at least, what has been given by the creator.

bullet Profile
Basics of Ulquiorra's character.

bullet Personality
Calm and emotionless.

bullet Appearance & Attire
Even an Espada has decency.

bullet Battle
Ulquiorra's assaults.

bullet Murciélago
Ulquiorra's Zanpakutou and Resurrección.

bullet Nihilism
Aspect of death.

bullet Poem
Poem from Volume 40.

bullet Relationships
Interaction with others.

bullet Seiyuu
The voices behind the Espada.