Hello and welcome to 4th Espada, the first shrine on the web dedicated to the arrancar, Ulquiorra Schiffer, from the manga & anime, BLEACH, created by Kubo Tite. Ulquiorra is known to be a dangerous and very powerful arrancar who acts aloof and emotionless most of the time. He can also be quite harsh and is quite intelligent too. Ulquiorra is, in my opinion, a very well developed character in BLEACH, which I hadn't thought before since I thought he was a complete bastard at first. Ulquiorra soon grew on me and is now my favorite Espada - which has replaced Grimmjow - sadly - from that position.

Anyway, here on this site, I will be focusing all there is to know about Ulquiorra from his appearances, to how he acts, aspect of death, and even his lovely deadly attacks. So, I hope you're up for the ride and don't forget to fasten that seat belt of yours since it's gonna be one hell of a party!

This place will have unmarked spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

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